Ali Tabatabaei

Software Professional

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About Me

I have experience in the field of computers, going all way back to PC-DOS 1.1 (of which the original box still sits in a closet), with 128K and dual floppies.

I began programming in GW-BASIC and now gave over ten years of solid experience in developing dynamic software solutions (enterprise desktop and web application, rich media and e-commerce sites, internal software solutions covering specific business needs), using the latest standards, including Microsoft .NET, MS SQL Server, Qt/C++.

I am owner of a software company in Austria called Peramont e.U.

Since october 2012 I have been working for a great company called AviBit, a leading provider of next generation ATC solution in Graz/Austria as Software Developer. I developed the Configuration Management System (CMS) as a technology for easier product deliveries to the customers. I have been working since February 2014 as "Scrum Master" for the company Safegate International AB, the parent company of the Avibit Air Traffic Solutions.

Contact me
T: +43 664 505 6355